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Who We Are

Mitch and Patrick Hilburn
Father and Son Business​

Mitch Hilburn  & Patrick Hilburn


Hilburn Bail Bonds
History of Hilburn Bail Bonds​


Originally started by Paul Higgs as Higgs Bail Bonds in 1970. A woman named Maggie Gallott worked for Paul Higgs until his death. She took over the business and changed the name to Gallott Bail Bonds. in 1992, Mitch Hilburn began working for Maggie Gallott as a Bondsman. When Maggie passed away in April 2004, Mitch contuined to run the business as Gallott-Hilburn Bail Bonds. Mitch later changed the name to Hilburn Bail Bonds in 2006. Patrick Hilburn, Mitch's son started working for his father in 2008. Hilburn Bail Bonds is currently operated by father and son, Mitch and Patrick. However, Mitch currently spends his days fishing and golfing knowing his son is taking care of the family business. 

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